Nails & Beauty

Nail Enhancements

Sculpted Acrylic 

Senior Technician Standard Price

Sculpted acrylic £36.00 £32.00

French or natural

Sculpted acrylic with gel polish £43.00 £39.00

Sculpted acrylic with glitter tips £43.00 £39.00

Sculpted bespoke nails POQ POQ

For example full glitters, 3D design work, extra long, extreme shapes (special occasion/bridal)

Natural acrylic / gel overlay £26.00 £22.00

Replacement nails £5.00 £5.00

Removal of acrylics £19.00 £15.00

Including cuticle work and buff

Senior Technician Standard Price

Acrylic maintenance £26.00 £22.00

French or natural (3 weeks)

Acrylic maintenance. £33.00 £29.00

With gel polish or glitter tips (3 weeks)

Senior Technician Standard Price

Gel polish on natural nails £24.00 £20.00

Perfect for holidays. Lasts 4-6 weeks.
Non chip!!

French gel polish on natural nails £26.00 £22.00

Gel polish maintenance £29.00 £25.00

2/3 weeks

Gel polish on toes £20.00

Twinkle toes (full sparkle) £25.00

Very sparkly. Absolutely perfect for your holidays. A full range of colour & glitters that's guaranteed to be a head turner!
Lasts 4-6 weeks!

Art gel polish POQ POQ

Including full glitter, 3D work, Bridal

Hands and feet

Senior Technician Standard Price

Manicure £16.00 £14.00

Perfect for those who love the natural look, this treatment tidies cuticles, shapes nails and finishes with a lovely relaxing hand massage and followed by a polish or natural buffing. Suitable for female & males.

Shape & polish £11.00 £9.00

Male shape and buff £12.00 £10.00

Wax or shave at least 24 hours before your tan. Exfoliate and moisturise 48 hours before your tan. The more buffed and moisturised your skin is the longer and better tan you will have. Remove make up, deodorant & jewellery before your appointment to allow a more even application. It's best to come in loose darker clothing to allow tan to develop to the max. The tan will take at least 6 hours for it to develop so no showering it off before then! Your therapist will give you aftercare advice for you to maximise your tan once you are happy with your application.

Full body £22.00

A beautiful professional natural looking tan to brighten up anyone's mood!! Whether it's for a party or holiday or just a pick me up, you will be left with a perfectly even non streak tan. Lasting up to 7 days!

Half body £11.00

Top up tan £16.00

Within 2 weeks of 1st application

Here at Top 2 Toe we ensure our clients have the best and most effective wax there is out there. PHD waxing system is one of the most hygenic waxing systems out there as everything is disposable while working with a lovely creame wax which gets all those stubborn hairs leaving you with a smoother finish which can last up to 4-6 weeks.

Full leg £20.00

1/2 leg £14.00

Underarm £7.00

Forearm £13.00

Lip or Chin £5.00

Eyebrow Shape £6.00

Intimate waxing - Bikini line From £10.00

Intimate waxing - Hollywood From £20.00

Male waxing - Back From £15.00

Male waxing - Chest From £15.00

Bridal Price on trial

(Including consultation and trial)

Here at Top 2 Toe we understand this is the biggest day of your life so why not kick back and relax and let someone else pamper you to make you look outstandingly beautiful!

Evening/Day £30.00

including strip lashes for that extra bit of glamour for any occasion!

volume lashes

Semi permanent volume lashes £44.00

2 week infill £29.00
3 week infill £34.00

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are quickly becoming one of the most sought after beauty treatments in the beauty industry, therefore we will only use the highest quality products.
Patch test required 24 hours before.

Our prices are based on timings. If you wish to book more time to create a fuller look please speak with your lash artist.

Aftercare for lashes
Keeping your lashes clean is so important, not just for the extensions but the health of your eyes, unclean lashes can and will result in eye infections.

Top tips
- Wash your lashes on a daily basis with baby shampoo and water.
- Do not use mascara directly on your lashes, it will close your volume fans together.
- Never come to your lash appointment with make up around the eye area.
- Do not pick or pull your lashes .
- Attend regular lash appointments advised by your lash artist.
- Brush them daily with your brush which is given to you on your first visit.

Eyelash tint £10.00

This treatment will give your eyes a more enhanced look. By tinting the lashes it saves you time and money!
Lasts 4-6 weeks.

Eyebrow tint £4.50

This is a fantastic way to add shape and definition to your face. It will instantly give you a defined brow.

We highly recommend a brow shape at the same time.

Eyelash & eyebrow tint £13.00

**** PLEASE NOTE ****
A patch test will need to be carried out at least 24 hours before treatment if you have not had a tint before.

Lash Lift £30.00 including eyelash tint

Lash lift is designed to ‘lift’ each individual lash with the help of gently curved, silicone forms.
This results in lashes that often appear dramatically longer.

The lash lift forms come in different sizes: Small, Medium or Large. The correct size will be chosen during your consultation based on the length or your natural lashes.

Lash Perm £25.00

Lash perm is designed to ‘curl’ each lash using cylindrical rods to shape the lashes.

The perming rods can produce beautiful curls, but without the ‘lifting’ component, clients often feel like this if you want a natural look.

The lash perm rods come in different sizes: Small, Medium or Large. The correct size will be chosen during your consultation based on the length or your natural lashes.